Top 6 web design trends in 2020

In this article, we are not talking about gradients, big top, and minimalism any of that crap because you can see those on millions of other blogs.
We will be talking about our major shift in top 6 web design trends in 2020 that you need to understand if you want to be a top player in the web design industry you have to understand web design trends in 2020 because that’s what the clients really care about, that’s what we are going to talk about.
At the beginning of every year, there’s always trending all these 2020 trends, visual trends and I think this is so funny because all this stuff that people talk about or these kinds of fashionable visual things that come and go every year they really don’t matter. I want to talk about things that are changing in the web design industry things, that you really need to understand because that’s what the client really cares about. This is what they will be asking you when you meet them to build a new website that’s high-end that they really need for a business.
The client really cares about their website, you need to understand these web design trends in 2020.

Let dive into them right now.



GDPR is a law that passed in Europe in the European Union in mid 2018. It’s about privacy, what kind of information you can collect or cannot collect. Even though that the law passed in the middle of 2018. During 2019 we have seen like a surge in how many people are adapting to this law and that means again what kind of analytics you can put, what kind of script for Facebook pixel for anything you have to deal with. So that’s why in most like every website that you see online today, you get immediately when you go in and you get this bar, this pop up says please approve this or please accept our cookie policy.

That’s basically if you don’t do this and you have clients in the European Union which is the whole world. You know every business in the world might have a customer in the European Union. You have to comply with these laws and so even all American business is complaint with that load. It becomes the standard for privacy these days.

Now you have to understand it’s a very bigger and complicated law but you have to know what it is. You have to know as a web designer what you have to do to protect your clients, because every client now asks you “is my website okay? Are what we are doing is GDPR complaint?” You are not a lawyer but you have to give them the basic, what is okay or what isn’t okay.

Here is the tool that we use called cookie script. This is a code that you put on the website for your clients and this puts in cookie pop up script and blocks all the other kind of like analytics, Facebook analytics and all the other code until somebody approves this. You can also customize a little bit and it legally solves your issue and as a web designer it helps you solve your client’s problem.

2. Accessibility

In 2019 dominos were sued by a blind person over their website not being accessible. This drove accessibility into becoming a mainstream. In most country, it is a law that your website has to be accessible by law. So if you are a web designer you have to understand this trend, what does it mean for you, what does it mean for your clients. What are you allowed to do how to design things for accessibility.

Here is a tool dynomapper which helps your website accessible. Make sure that the website you design is accessible, otherwise you might be putting your clients at risk.

3. Conversions

These days clients are very much into performance of their website and I am not talking performance like how fast does it load even though that matters as well. Im taking out conversions, do they reach their business goals using their website and you have to understand you have to help them setup the analytics and understand the language conversions because this is really what your client going to talk about or care about.

In the discussion about “we like blue” or “we don’t like blue” or “we like this visual” or “we don’t like this visual” becomes a little bit irrelevant because it’s very easy to test things out and even though you’ve managed to solved them, you had a big amazing creative idea because you saw video about illustrations are trending so lets put in the illustration then you watch the conversion go down because the website performs less because people those specific customer are less engaged with this illustration then illustration is a bad idea no matter if you saw that it’s trending in 2020. It doesn’t work for the specific industry audience customers.

So you have to be aware and help your clients understand the conversions and when you work with them long-term to understand that maybe you had a great idea or your client had a great idea, you test it, you see what worked and you worked to build a website that converts that help them reach their business goals at the end of the day their website is a business tool for them, you have to make sure that it helps them achieve those business goals otherwise you’re just a pixel pusher and we don’t want you to be there. We want you to be high value consultant. We want your client trust you and pay you a lot of money and for that you need to help them to achieve their business goals so understand how conversion works.

4. Funnels

This is another elaboration into the discussion about how do website converts and you have to understand the concept of funnels so the concept of funnel is, you know a lot of people show up to your website and some of them click or give you email and you send them stuff and at the bottom of the funnel some people will buy. You have to understand the place of the website that you are designing in their sales funnel and a lot of times building the website is part of building the funnels. The more you can help out with building this funnel the more value you bring to your customers. If you know how to setup a lead capture which means that’s people fill in the email in the newsletter and then it syncs to their email service provider. Whether it’s HubSpot or Mailchimp and then there is email automation and they come back to the website to purchase. Once you understand how to build this whole funnel for them and it’s pretty easy to do these days because most of these tools are no code tools.
Here is a tools zapierMailchimp, etc to help your clients setup the sales funnel which helped them achieve their business results, help them drive conversions, help them make money and it helps you make money because you are a valuable consultant. So understand how funnel works online.

5. Chats


You have probably seen this everywhere. Most popular chat is Intercom. These chats are at the bottom right corner. When you click there then you can chat. Sometimes it’s a Chabot and sometimes it’s a live person going to help you with sales and there are a lot of tools to set this up, it’s usually as easy as dropping in a code into the website that you’re building but you have to understand this is very important.

It is trending in a sense that a lot of businesses understand the value of this, because this helps drive conversions and sales and you should know how to do this and what are the alternatives so you can offer that to that clients that you build websites.

6. Personalization

Personalization specifically in e-commerce and a lot of website is becoming very important.

Imagine somebody has been on your shop and they have watched something they clicked on an image or specific ad, now we’re going to get the landing page and they are going to see something and getting a message that is directed at them. If they are in specific location based on that data we can give them personal website that is talking direct to them and it’s not like one website for everybody. I think this is a very important trend, you need to understand the tools you can use to do this. There is a tool optimizly or there is a tool from adobe.

This is something that I think we are going to be  seeing more and more in web design trends in 2020. There is a lot of data, people are coming from places like Facebook Ads where there is a lot of data about the person that’s going to hit the website so you can personalize the experience for them and we do know that when the experience is personalized we are going to see more conversions.

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Author: Muhammad Ramzan
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