Top 3 Reasons to choose WordPress Site

There are 3 main advantages of using a WordPress site to build your website.


There are 3 main advantages of using WordPress to build your website.

1. Templates

WordPress has a huge set of templates that you can leverage. I’m talking about the visual template and component of your WordPress world are called themes.

There are so many out there and have a lot of free and paid ones. The paid ones are more robust, cleaner, and comes with support. The free ones, there are good ones out there but it’s a little bit more of a tricky situation because some of those free ones could have some messy code loaded into them and the code may not be so clean and they may not be up-to-date with the latest version of WordPress.

So if you are a small business owner or a WordPress professional, I advise looking at paid templates just so you have that one less headache to deal with.

2. Plugins

WordPress is a great choice to build your website with is, that it has a huge set of plugins that you can leverage in your WordPress site. Plug-in is just like a mini-application that your plugin into the big WordPress application and these plugins provide extra functionality that you plug in extra functionality into your site.

You could plug in an e-commerce system, SEO tools or image manipulation tools, all kinds of different things. There are so many plugins out there to leverage and instead of having to build a site from scratch trying to add functionality from scratch, using the WordPress plugins only makes sense because it’s just going to save you a heck of a lot of time and you’ll be able to get your website launched as quickly as possible.

If you’re a WordPress professional a web designer or developer who’s supporting clients, who have content-rich sites, sites that have a lot of text, images, and video or maybe audio. WordPress is just a natural choice because of the plug-in architecture, so many plugins for you to leverage and if you know a little PHP then you can build your custom plugins and provide that in your client’s WordPress sites.

3. CMS

The final advantage of using WordPress to build a website is that it is a content management system.

Nerds will say it a CMS and the whole point of a content management system like WordPress is that it allows you to easily keep the content of the website up-to-date and allows you to easily manage the content.

You can add plugins, themes and because of the built-in editors that come in WordPress so you can add new pages, edit pages, images, video, and whatever you want. It’s just so much easier to maintain website content in WordPress rather than building your sites from scratch, the way we used to do it back in the early 90s and 2000s.

So those are the three big advantages of using WordPress to build your website.

WordPress is growing so many small businesses out there, running WordPress and so there’s a huge amount of opportunity for web designers or web developers that want to get into the freelance game as an example to become WordPress professionals.

WordPress experts understand plugin, themes out there, and understanding the whole WordPress ecosystem and you can leverage this to your benefit as a freelancer.

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Author: Muhammad Ramzan
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