Saying “NO!” to great clients and money

When you are doing freelancing or business sometimes its hard which is saying “NO!” to great clients, who may want to work with you and was willing to pay you a lot of money and I wanted to share with you why and when you need to do is saying “NO!” to great clients.

If you are already engaged in several other projects and you knew that taking this project means there is going to be a trade up. If you take this project then obviously you are going to spend less time on other’s project means you are going to do bad work for them or maybe you are going to spend less time with your family or sleeping less or not doing the other things in your life which are very important to you.

So there are always trade-offs and its hard to say no because you don’t want to make those trade-offs because it happened to so many peoples that many times that they took more project that they could handle because sometimes it’s not about the money, It’s just because you loved what you do or you want to do the quality work and when you have the opportunity to work on an interesting project and want to spend time on that interesting project, you want to make sure that you don’t take projects that you won’t be able to handle even you want to do it.

People spent a lot of years working night and being stressed out because they have much work to do. Then they realize that sometimes the best thing to do is to just say “NO” to great client. Even though you are excited that I wanted to say “YES!”.

I have read it somewhere so I’m going to steal the sentence but I don’t remember where I read it

“that saying no is the thing that builds your brand because it defines who you are and what you stand for and what you want to do”

There are 2 scripts to say “NO!” to great client

Number one:

“I’m really sorry, this project sounds very excited but unfortunately, I can’t take it because I have other obligations so I can’t help you this time.”

Number Two:

“My Client load is really full right now and I wouldn’t be able to give your project the attention it deserves.”

After saying “NO!” to the client that he knows that you are not just a guy trying to get as many projects as you can to earn more money or he knows that you are a professional even If you can’t do the project to the best of your ability, I’m not going to do it. So now he is going to tell his friends and hopefully, he wants to work with you next time.

So don’t be afraid to say no, sometimes that’s the best thing to do, even if you give up money or even if you give up an interesting project.­

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Author: Muhammad Ramzan
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