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How to choose domain name and deploy a website on Cpanel

Today we will talk about tips and steps that how to choose a domain and deploy a website Tips and steps to Deploy a Website on Cpanel for beginners

So let’s get started,

Purchase a Domain Name and Hosting

how to choose a domain name
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Every website needs a catchy address. And to get one, you need to know how to choose a domain name. Luckily, domain registration has become quite a simple method nowadays. It’s also one of the first steps you need to take when you create a website.

So there are 9 simple tips to choose the right domain name before buying a domain name:

  1. Do your research.
  2. Make it catchy and easy to remember.
  3. Go with .com if possible.
  4. Check for trademark infringement.
  5. Avoid numbers and hyphens.
  6. Look for close alternatives.
  7. Research social media platforms to reserve a page.
  8. Think future-proof
  9. Discuss your ideas

Now you know how to choose a domain name and after that, you just have to buy your domain along with hosting. The method is the same regardless of which plan you choose.

choosing a hosting plan

There are 6 steps you should follow to buy domain and hosting:

Step 1: Choose a domain, or use an existing domain.
Step 2: Enter your account details.
Step 3: Select the right package.
Step 4: Complete your hosting purchase.
Step 5: Select a password.
Step 6: Log into your web hosting cPanel

After that, you successfully able to login to your Cpanel where you can upload your website.

Getting Your Files on the Server

  • When your domain name and web server are configured, it’s time to get your website’s files onto the server.
  • While you may have a whole website built on your local computer, it won’t be visible to the rest of the world until it’s on your server.
  • If you are going to be setting up the website on a new host and you have access to the DNS management administration, then that’s great, if not you should be worried about it because this is very important and may be useful in future when you lose something from your website.

Live testing your website on a server

  • It is now time to see if the website works on the live server environment.
  • By doing this, you can set up the website in the same physical location where it will live.
  • You want to be as close as possible here so that you can do your final tests as if the site was truly deployed.
  • You can set all folder permissions and other settings, and then run tests and benchmarks to see how the website performs on the server.
  • Do not create a subdomain on the host as this will set up a new directory and make local DNS changes.

Backup and Go Live

  • Still, if you are hosting on a new server, take a full backup including any databases of the old website, as you never know when you might need something.
  • If you are changing Name Servers to point to the new host, then this can take up to 72 hours, so make sure you have the time to monitor and fix any errors as they happen on the new website.
  • Because this is a change in name servers, you can’t just change it back quickly, so be prepared and give yourself enough time.
  • Provide yourself enough time and try to go live in the business hours of the companies that you will need to contact if anything goes wrong.
  • All done. If you follow these steps, you should have a 100% stable deployment of your new website and a happy client to spread the word of your business.


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