How To Build a Long Term Relationships With Clients

Clients are the most important part of your business. Today, we’re going to talk about how to build long term relationships with your clients.

long term relationships

Clients are the most important part of your business. I mean, let’s face it, without clients you wouldn’t have a business so it is fundamentally important to building amazing long term relationships with them. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to build long term relationships with your clients.

Now, what kinds of relationships are we talking about here?

Your ideal client should be someone that you want to spend a lot of time with, someone that you like hanging out with, someone that you share common interests, common goals, and common hobbies with. So when you have a relationship with your clients, a lot of times it can cross the border from the client into a friend.

Bottom line is your long term relationships with your client should look a lot like your relationships with your friends because a lot of times, you’re going to be spending deep time together, you’re going to be asking questions and that not a lot of other people have asked so when you can find that common ground, building relationships with your client is so simple.

Be interested in what’s driving them.

Be interested in what is going on in their world even outside the relationship that is professional between the two of you. Spend time with them outside of work, spend time gathering together.

As a professional, it is beautiful to have that to fall back on to say, “you know what, no matter what happens, I know you’ve got my back” because we’ve got a baseline foundational friendship.

Add value continually

Build long term relationships with your clients is to add value continually.

Now how do we add value continually?

Your client should feel like the rock star of your entire business because your business may have your name on your brand but for your business, if you think it’s about you, you’ve already lost the relationship. Your business is about your client, your client is the rock star of your business.

Happy Clients = Happy Business.

So how do we add more and more value and give it to your clients?

Here’s what I’m going to recommend to you.

Anytime that your client signs up for a program, gets a product or services, then you should throw a bonus, whether that’s extra time with you, whether extra materials or extra product. It’s a great way to say thank you to your client for doing business with you in the first place.

Keep adding value to your clients. Also, understand that your client has specific goals. There’s a reason they want to work with you, there’s a reason they bought your product or service because they think their lives will be more enriched and made better by spending time with you and with your company.

Fulfill on that promise. I’m going to challenge the adage of over-deliver with low expectations.

Under-promise and Over-deliver

You’ve probably heard this before, under-promise, over-deliver.

One of my favorite things to do is accurately promise and then over-deliver.

You should promise your clients a hundred percent of what I have to offer and then over-deliver. This way you learn more and you are going to give them everything that you have learned during your time together.

So if you have a specific product or program then maybe you have a product that once you ship it off and your client relationship is basically complete or maybe you have a program that’s automated and your client fulfills it on their end but what I suggest you that you should take the extra step above. When you ship a product to your client, take the time to write a handwritten note and say thank you so much for your business, even include a gift or maybe a discount voucher for future purchases if possible.

If clients want to spend time with the mentoring arena then offer bonus sessions offer bonus training or record videos.

Let’s say a client has a specific question about how I do XYZ?

Then it is the best way if you record a training video and not only send it to that client but send it to all of your clients in that arena as a special bonus gift. In this way, your clients get front-row seats to all of your bonus material and that’s how you add value to your clients and develop that deeper long term relationships.

Again, over-deliver because value follows value.

Ask for Feedback

Building amazing client relationships is to ask for feedback especially.

If you’re in a brand new business that’s just starting, maybe you are in a coaching business where you’re coaching people and offering a service or especially if you’re in a product business and you’re giving a physical product to a client, ask them for feedback.

There are many ways where you can ask a client for feedback like:

  • Social Media (like Facebook)
  • Product page
  • Website
  • Most importantly, ask them directly that are not going to see in the public

If you want your business to grow and get better then you must see it from the perspective of the client and there’s no way to do that better than asking the client themselves. Ask them what works for them, ask them if they receive the value for the product or service that they bought, ask them what didn’t work for them, ask them what they would like to see improved, ask them how you can improve your delivery better, ask them what their favorite part of working with you was.

As you collect all of this feedback and train your mind to think like one of your clients than the value for the next client just gets bigger and bigger and when the value for your client gets bigger and bigger and bigger so does the amount that you can charge for your program.

Ask Questions

Building amazing client relationships is loving them enough to ask the questions that nobody else will ask.

Limiting Beliefs

What is limiting beliefs?

Any belief that doesn’t serve you because that doesn’t build what you’re creating, that doesn’t help you get what you want or where you want to go. I call that a limiting belief and I love my clients enough to question it. to ask if it’s working for you, to ask if there was something that could serve you better.

This will make you truly unique in your field because not many people in that client, the immediate circle of family, friends, relationships, or professional relationships dares to ask the hard questions. When you do that and you do it from a space of total love, connection, and no agenda to change them whatsoever, they find a person of trust and support in you.

Anticipatory Service

The last thing I want you to take note of in building long term relationships with clients is something called anticipatory service.

This is something I learned from my career that anticipatory service means giving them what they need before they even ask. So when you see that a client is struggling with something that maybe they’re struggling with knowing that how to build their social media following, for example, give them the answer to the question before they ask it.

When you see that a client received a product from you, send an extra gift. Something that product can be used with, something that would help them to use that product like a training manual or a follow-up video. Anticipate the needs of your clients before they ask you, that adds incredible value and as well and is best done by knowing your clients in and out and know them extremely well and know them well enough and have experience with your products and services enough that you can give them exactly what they need before they even ask.

Building client relationships is the key foundational piece for any successful business whether you’re in the products or the services. Your clients are your best friends, they’re able to help your business grow and if you don’t develop relationships then your business will quickly show it with a little bit of implosion or maybe a lot a bit of implosion.

Keep those relationships alive, make sure that you know that those are the most important part of running your own business.

All right, now it’s time for me to get some feedback from you. Feedback is one of the most important parts of building an amazing relationship with your clients and you know what friends? I just want to hear from you so

Give me some of your feedback. I want to know what you love, what you’d like, what you want to see more of, and fill up the comments below.


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Author: Muhammad Ramzan
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