13 High Converting Landing Page Examples for More Conversion

We must look at the best high converting landing page examples of the top industry leaders to improve and learn from.


Landing Page is a way to grow your business. It connects with your audience and helps you to grow your business. In this article, we will show you 12 high converting landing page examples.

What is a Landing Page?

Directing your website visitors to your homepage or “Contact Us” page doesn’t make those pages landing pages. A landing page is a web page, separated from a website’s navigation, created for the single purpose of convincing a visitor to act (to buy, sign up, download, etc.).

When it comes to digital marketing, we must look at the best high converting landing page examples of the top industry leaders to improve and learn from.

So let’s get started to see high converting landing page examples:

13 High Converting Landing Page Examples

13. ShortStack


Short Stack helps companies create and manage Facebook promotions and other custom Facebook content. Let’s see what looks good here.

  • Colors are brightwork well together.
  • This webpage is clean with minimal text, while still explaining the value proposition.

12. Kissmetrics


Kiss Metrics has a custom landing page for visitors interested in their marketing tool. What’s working here?

  • Clear heading that explains the offer and value proposition
  • Colorful bright button



IMPACT is a HubSpot partner, but that’s not why they are added here. IMPACT’s high converting landing pages example have long been a source of design inspiration. I like the easy layout of the page, from the great headline copy and featured image to the outline that surrounds the form to the colors and fonts that are very pleasing to the eye.

10. Blueapron


Blue Apron is a food subscription service that delivers ingredients directly to consumers’ doors. Headline address the common pain point of lacking the time needed to cook good meals.

09. SmartSheet


Smart Sheet serves individuals and businesses to maximize efficiency with their scheduling software solution. The headline immediately addresses the site visitor’s goal.

08. Industrial


This landing page pulls me in with a compelling headline: “Don’t Make Me Zoom.” It directly speaks to a common experience most of us have had when we are browsing on our mobile phones or tablets.

But that’s not the only thing having me interested in this landing page. See how the color red is strategically placed: It’s right at the top and bottom of the form, attracting you even closer to the conversion event.

07. BloomsyBox


Bloomsy Box is a home & garden subscription service that delivers hand-picked flowers to consumers’ doors.

  • An impressive background photo gets a site visitor in the buying mood.
  • Subhead addresses the demand for sustainable solutions.
  • Provides a time-saving next CTA button for those who are trying to buy a gift.

06. LandBot


Landbot is a service that builds chatbot-based landing webpages, puts their product front and center on their landing webpage. Visitors are greeted by a friendly chatbot. Finished with emojis and GIFs, which encourages them to give information in a conversational format, instead of via a traditional form.

05. SproutSocial


Social Sprout is another example of a powerful landing page. It has a few elements that are working in its favor, such as:

  • Solid heading that describes what Social Sprout is, with no-nonsense.
  • Testimonials present at the bottom.
  • A green trial button dominates the webpage, with an exciting CTA and a “no credit card required” note below the button for added encouragement.

04. Airbnb


Airbnb makes it easy to rent homes or rooms from people all over the world and an increasingly share-oriented economy. What looks good here?

  • Photos that quickly get visitors excited about the prospect of traveling.
  • Short, easy form inputs that let visitors quickly discover places to stay.

This landing page does not have a lot going on besides the destination/check-in search function, so website visitors won’t get lost or overwhelmed.

03. Webflow


Webflow is a design tool for web designers and developers.

02. Trendy Butler


Trendy Butler is a clothing subscription service that uses ML (Machine Learning) to individualize customers’ wardrobes.

01. Unbounce: Landing Page Course


It’s no surprise Unbounce is at the top of this list — they have written the book on creating high-converting landing pages. Although there are lots of marvelous things about this landing page, the two that I like are:

  • The use of a chat window instead of a standard form.
  • The complete detail but well-packaged information.

The first helps close attention to the purpose of the page for you to fill out the form.

I hope you like these high converting landing pages examples article. If you think that any landing page deserves to be here in this list or do not deserve here in this list so please tell us in the comment.

Author: Muhammad Ramzan

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