5 Email List Building Tactics – Grow your Email List

Today, I’m going to show you 5 tips for creating an email list building tactics that will help you to grow your business.


Today, I’m going to show you 5 tips for creating an email list building tactics that will help you to grow your business. An email list building can be really helpful. When you have an email list, you can constantly sell to them, lead them back to your website, market products efficiently but the real problem isn’t that you don’t know that an e-mail list is important because everyone knows that the money is in the list.

The real question is, how do you build an email list?

Tip #1: Tools

It means you can do audit tools, for example, you have an accounting site, someone can do an audit tool or if you have a health site someone can do an audit on their weight and where they should be.

You can even do pricing calculators based on your services. If you don’t know how to build them you can end up using CodeCanyon.


CodeCanyon’s is a website where you can buy tools, pop them on your site for a few dollars, and as people are putting in their information you can collect their email address to show them the results.

Tip #2: Webinars

The next thing that you can do to collect a lot of emails is run webinars, people love webinars.


They want to interact with you. Use tools like WebinarJam to interact with people.

Also, you can record a webinar once and you can keep displaying it as a replay but it also seems like a live version even though it’s a replay. It’s super actionable, people love it, they’re engaging with you for 20, 30 minutes, and because they’re engaging that long they’re much more likely to buy.

Tip #3: Exit Popups


So you can do this through some tools or WordPress plugins so that way when someone’s about to leave your site, ask them a yes or no question and then collect their email information.

Such as, do you want to increase your traffic? If clicked on yes then I will capture your e-mail. If you click no, I’ll say congratulations! Thanks for having massive traffic, now put in your e-mail address if you want to double your conversion rate because you said no so it means you already have a ton of traffic.

Exit popups are one of the best ways.

Keep in mind, if someone is going to leave your site what harm do you have just asking for their e-mail address? And with some tools like Hello Bar you can do a cookie base so if someone leaves your website, they see that exit popup, whether they put in their email or they don’t, the next time they come back to your website and they leave, it won’t bother them for the e-mail. because the last thing you want to do is keep trying, it’s very user-friendly and also works on mobile devices.

Tip #4: Text Lead Magnets

So have you heard of content upgrades? Someone’s reading an article on the 10 ways to increase conversions so I can have a cheat sheet within my text saying, hey download the cheat sheet, just enter your email and I will email it off to you. When you do that, you’ll get a ton of e-mails.

It’s one of the best strategies for email building tactics but a lot of people don’t do it, it requires a little bit of work because you have to create a cheat sheet or PDF but that’s why it works so well because most people aren’t willing to put in the effort.


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These are all the best email building tactics you can learn. You don’t want to overdo it. If you overdo it and you have too multiple popups, too multiple triggers, too multiple opt-ins, people are going to get irritated.

Have a few of them, 2 or 3 max and that’s it. I’ve seen some sites and they have like 13, 14 of them. Even five starts becoming too much. I would try to limit it to around 3, and that’s it and try to use related technologies like Hello Bar does a lot of this.

So if it shows someone one it won’t show them the other two because the last thing you want to do is having a nice user experience.

So if you follow all these tips and you’ll start getting more emails. Make sure, you interact with your audience at least once a week. I want you to scrub your email list at least once a month because if you keep sending emails to people who are not opening them, you’re not going to see your emails get in the inbox instead they’re going to the spam box and the other thing I want you to do is to sell to your audience at least once a month.

There’s no point in having an email list if you’re not generating income from it.

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Author: Muhammad Ramzan

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